Please follow the steps below:

  • Turn on projector: Use remote control or power button on projector.
  • Turn on receiver:
  • Use remote control or power button on receiver 
  • Select video output for cable box or DVD player
  • Turn on cable box or DVD player: Use remote control or power button on the device you choose to use.

We provide basic cable and basic internet service.  The majority of the houses are equipped with smart TVs. Our guests can enjoy applications like, Netflix, Youtube, Disney Channel by using their own accounts. 

Late check-out is a subject of availability and guest need to request at least one week in advance so we can confirm the availability. The price will be $75.00 and it is until 12 pm. – 

Do you have an early check-in? How much is it?

Early check-in is a subject of availability and guest need to contact us one day prior to the arrival so we can confirm the availability. This service is Free.

Yes, we offer baby package, this package includes a high chair, pack- n-play and stroller. The price is $30.00 plus tax it is $33.90. You can order this service at last minute. 

Being a short term rental property management company, Orlando Short Term agents generate vacation rental leads from all over the world. Guest may book villas instantly at the website, by phone, email, by third party, or by visiting the office. Reservation agent will collect all necessary guest’s information and assist with any questions. Today online booking is the easiest and most convenient way to security the house. 

To confirm your reservation you will need to pay the 30% of the total amount of your reservation and the remaining balance will be due two weeks prior to your arrival. If the reservation’s check-in day is less than 14 days before arrival, you will need to pay the total amount upon reservation. 

Yes, we have the BBQ grill available, the price is $50.00 plus tax it will be $56.75 one-time payment. This is a gas grill and you can order this service at last minute. 

We do not collect deposit for our properties since we collect the PPF (Property Protection Fee). The Property Protection Fee (PPF) is $49.00 plus tax $55.62. This is an insurance for our guest that covers minor damages (for example stains on towels, sheets, etc.). Please note this does not cover vandalism. 

The pool heat price is $29.00 plus tax it will be $32.92 per day. To avoid an extra fee of $50 for last minute order, please order it at least 7 days in advance. Please note we turn on pool heat on a same day you arrive and it takes a few hours to warm up the water.

Please reset the modem. Please unplug the modem and wait 5 minutes. Plug the modem to the outlet and wait a few minutes to go online again. If these steps don’t work, please let us know by sending us a message by email at guest@orlandoshortterm.com

Please note that all our thermostat has a lock set up to 72 degrees. This is the part of the propery listing. Guest who placed the reservavtion accepted this condition at the moment of booking. If the temperature is set up to 72 on the thermostat but the temperature inside the house is higher, please send us a picture of the thermostat display so we can escalate to our maintenance team.  guest@orlandoshortterm.com.

Please follow these very easy steps at your check out:

Place the trash in the trash can or bench outside the property.

Place the dirty towels by the laundry. If you rent a studio, please leave the towels by the bathroom.

Make sure to take your belongings with you.  If something is left behind that requires a shipping, there will be a service charge of $25 + guest will send us a shipping label.

Make sure to lock the front door by using the keypad. If it is a regular lock make sure to lock the door and place the key in the lock box.

The PPF is a Property Protection Fee. Yes, it is mandatory and it is an Insurance for our guest that covers minor damages (for example stains on towels, sheets, etc.). Please note this does not cover vandalism. The price is $49.00 plus tax it will be $55.62. 

Our cancellation policy is: guest who cancels at least 14 days before check-in date will get back 100% of the amount they’ve paid. If the guest cancels between 7 and 14 days before check-in, he will get back 50%. If guests would like to cancel less than 7 days before the check-in date there won’t be any refund. 

1 dish liquid detergent

1 dishwasher soap

1 sponge

1 roll of paper towel

2 toilet paper per bathrooms

2 bags kitchen and 2 bags each bathroom

1 laundry detergent

2 bar soap per bathroom


No, it is not mandatory to have a pet friendly vacation home. Without any doubt pet friendly rentals get more demands. However, property owner will make a final call on it. If investor decided to have a pet friendly rental, property manager will collect a $150.00 non-refundable pet fee from the guest. This fee will cover an additional cleaning or damage cause by pet.  

Orlando Short Term Property Management provides a full maintenance service that income property may need. Property manager inspects the house and creates an inventory list upon signing the contract. After each check out inspection, Orlando Short Term office receives a report from the cleaning company and maintenance team. If any damage caused by the guest is reported, property manager will collect money from the guest to pay for the damage and notify homeowner about the damage. Guest is notified about the liability to reimburse permanently stained towels and bed linen when damage is not a part of normal wear and tear. If the guest pays for the PPF (Property Protection Fee) of $55.37 all the towels, sheets, etc. will be cover. Upon the check-out, maintenance team will collect all trash from the house and perform any minor repairs such as change of light bulbs, touch up paint, and blinds fix. 

Short term rental property management industry requires managers to be available and reachable for the guests 24/7. By working with professional, affordable, and honest property manager, the homeowner will never be involved in the routine process. Guests never call or email to the owner. Orlando Short Term does not charge any additional fees for the emergency work orders. The maintenance team will be dispatched to locate the problem. In case if general contractor is required, property manager will collect several quotes and pay the contractor. Later, the homeowner will be billed on the monthly statement. 

Orlando Short Term are near Disney Word provides investors with full service property management. Management fee is only $100. Monthly homeowners receive a detailed statement with the breakdown of revenue and expenses. Statements normally sent out on 15th of each month and income check distributed by 20th of the same month. 

No worries, vacation rental property manager will handle it all. There are two types of taxes required to file in the State of Florida, which are Local Tourist Tax and Sales Tax. Property managers deal with both, and they maintain the property licensing required by county, state, and federal governments.  

No worries, Orlando Short Term will manage the payments for all the utilities like power or light service (Duke Energy or KUA), water services (TOHO Water), gas services (TECO people gas), pool service, lawn care, etc. for you and all those expenses will be add to your monthly statement. 

Getting started is very easy and risk free. Ask Orlando Short Term Property Manager to create an agreement for new homeowners. The contract has no minimum term; therefore, it is risk free. If homeowner is not happy with the service at any point, the property management agreement can be terminated by providing 14 days written notice. Normal activation can take couple days up to few weeks, and there is NO Activation cost. Orlando Management Company will create an inventory list, photo catalogs, set up prices, upload photos and description, inspect the property, and make a suggestion how to generate the highest income.

Guest is always responsible to pay cleaning fees. Regular cleaning includes laundry, dusting, vacuuming, kitchen and bathroom cleaning. When the guests check in, property manager’s main goal is to make sure that house is ready and well stocked with necessary items for the next guest. Initial set of amenities includes a travel size laundry detergent, two rolls of toilet paper per bathroom, small size shampoo and lotion, dishwasher powder, dishes liquid soap, sponge, bar soap, and one roll of paper towel. All of the vacation homes are scheduled at least once a year for the deep cleaning to prevent unwanted pests, avoid complains, and keep overall condition of the house in a great shape. 

Orlando Short Term Management Company has a fully integrated property management software which will provide homeowner with an access to the statements, accounting reports, and booking calendar. Through the owner portal, investor may review all maintenance work orders and track their completion. Property owner is able to check income and expenses for each month, check availability, create reservations, leave comments. 

Are you looking to create an Owner Block or Owner Reservation? Please use the Calendar Tape after you are logged in to the portal. Please use these easy steps:

Select your dates to block on the calendar tape and choose Block

A field will appear to enter the reason for the block

Click the block  button and optionally enter a reason for the block (renovation, guest name, owner block, etc. and then click the 2nd Block button to save the block.


Nowadays Internet ad social networking introduces a variety of property management companies for second home and investment properties. It is a big dilemma how to find the right one. Initial interview with the property manager helps homeowner to get all the questions answered before handing over the property. Throughout the selection process, it is important to estimate how professional the managers and other employees are. Do not hesitate to ask challenging questions. Online reviews and recommendation from friends, families, or other homeowners is helpful for decision makers. In addition, verifying the time of response is important.  

Vacation rentals property Management Company manages every aspect of keeping your house booked and ready for the guest to enjoy. Income property management company deal directly with the prospective leads converting into bookings. The goal of Orlando Short Term property management is to keep the highest occupancy all year long. Having a detailed marketing strategy may consist from creating attractive villa descriptions, taking beautiful photos to listing the house in over 30 websites advertising vacation rentals. Good property Management Company will handle all maintenance requests, cleaning, and emergency situations. Orlando Short Term Property Managers do everything possible to keep their homeowners happy well maintained property, low expenses, and high rental income that property generates monthly.

You made the best decision to move with Orlando Short Term Rentals! What is next? Below are the steps of our On-Boarding process:

  • Please provide a PHOTO ID of the property owner. If property owned by the company, please provide a photo ID for the company Signor. Don’t forget to share the property address 🙂
  • Please sign Management Agreement and Power of Attorney. Normally, we share these via Docusing. 
  • Once management paperwork is signed, you will receive a welcome email. Welcome email will explain who is your dedicated Property Manager and introduce you to other team members 
  • Our Owner’s Relations will ask to provide w-9 form and voided check. Here you can share any information about property related bills that you need us to pay on your behalf. Make sure water, light, gas, and Internet services are on!
  • Now is the listing… you will get an access to the owner’s portal where you can see the listing and its performance. Please click hereif you experience any difficulties logging in. Manager will prepare and schedule a photo session, so we can make sure the house looks fabulous on a variety of different platforms across the globe. Manager will propose the rental rates based on the most recent relevant comparables. Description and Features will be added to make the listing complete. 
  • When listing accepts bookings, our Guest Relations will manage the guests from A to Z. From the moment of the inquiry until very check-out. Reservation Confirmation, Payment, Additional Services, Reservation Modifications, and Arrival Instructions, our Front Desk agents handle it all. Front Desk operates from 9 am-10 pm 7 days a week. 
  • If guest has any maintenance concerns during their stay, we will create a ticket. Owner will receive a copy of the request by email, but we do not expect any action as our management team will be on top of the ticket. If Manager needs an approval for repairs, Manager will reach out to the Owner directly 
  • Once guest is checked out, we will inspect the property, and prepare for the next guest. 
  • Our Accounting team will send a monthly statement before the 15th of each month. In the statement, you will see income for the bookings ended in the previous month. Based on the statement, we will send owner’s income before the 20th via ACH.


Happy Property Management! 

Property Management Company that manages vacation rentals can bring an invaluable help to you. If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time, it is better to hire a reliable property management company. If your rental property is located far from where you live hiring a property management company can be very useful in dealing with the many issues that you will not be able to handle from far. Vacation rental property manager will take over all the trouble, which otherwise will fall on your shoulders.