Amidst the tropical paradise enveloped in sandy beaches and blue waters of Florida lies the city of Orlando. Assigned a rather ambitious nickname as “City Beautiful”, Orlando has quite the expectations to live up to and considering the simple fact that each year it attracts nearly 76 million visitors, this Central Florida capital continues to meet and exceed those expectations.
It is to no surprise that Walt Disney chose Orlando as the location for “The Happiest Place On Earth”- Disney World. A collection of theme parks inspired by Walt Disney’s productions. A must-visit attraction, Disney World is the number one reason most people embark on the journey to Orlando. But if roller coasters and fast rides are not on top of your bucket lists, or you’re simply looking for a wider variety of family-friendly attractions in Orlando, below are the recommendations from local guides.

1. Lake Eola Park

Located in Downtown Orlando, Lake Eola is home to many family-friendly attractions. Your family will have a blast riding around the Lake in a swan-shaped boat or having a picnic while enjoying nature and beautiful surroundings.

The park is bustling with visitors walking, riding bikes, roller skating, or simply enjoying the warm weather on one of the benches. Surrounding the park are brick alleyways full of local restaurants, live music, and friendly locals. Over the weekend, Lake Eola is home to farmer’s markets and

Enjoy this gem that many visitors leave unexplored for a relaxing afternoon with the family!

2. Gatorland

Florida is home to roughly 1.25 million alligators! Encountering these beautiful, fast, and dangerous creatures in a real-life and controlled setting makes for an exciting adventure for the entire family. Gatorland features alligators of all sizes, from small hatchlings to 14-foot adults, there you can learn about these fantastic beasts in their natural habitat.

Combining education with the thrill of a theme park, this family-friendly attraction features a petting zoo, a zip-line, and multiple interactive animal shows. A day full of thrill and excitement, Gatorland is a highly recommended family attraction in Orlando.

3. Kennedy Space Center

This family-friendly attraction just outside of Orlando is out of this world! This is the closest your little ones and possibly future astronauts can get to space at the moment. Experience the greatness of space exploration with real-life retired rockets and learn about NASA and their mission to Mars. The really committed can dive deeper into the outer world with the Astronaut Training Experience while the rest of the family enjoys spectacular intergalactic films in the IMAX theater.

A day full of adventures for the entire family, Kennedy Space Center will take you to the moon and back, quite literally!

4. Legoland

How incredible would it be to see all of your childhood Lego creations come to life? Full of magic for both children and adults, Legoland is a must-visit on our list of family-friendly attractions in Orlando. The park features interactive experiences that bring the Legos to life, such as driving around in a Lego car or building and programming a Lego robot. For those seeking more thrill-inducing adventures, Legoland also features a few roller-coasters suited for bigger kids and adults.

Any fan of the tiny building blocks will have a blast touring this unique attraction.

5. Madame Tussauds

We’ve all fantasized about meeting our favorite actor, singer, or artist, and who can blame us! The next best thing to meeting your favorite celebrity and shaking their hand would be visiting the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and snapping a timeless selfie with your favorite celebrity or superhero! Fool your family and friends into thinking you’ve been given the VIP experience of interacting with the stars with these realer-than-life wax figures!

Where To Stay with Kids in Orlando

Orlando is a vast city with its attractions located at equally large distances. When traveling as a larger group, and especially with children, accessibility and coordination is key. When choosing your accommodations, it can be tempting to be near the theme parks, and while the hotel choices are ample due to the high number of visitors gracing Orlando with their presence each year, they can prove to be quite far from the remainder of the attractions or high in price, especially during the busy season.

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