Orlando Vacation Home Management: Simple Guide to Choosing Your Property Management Company

As financial freedom and passive income become hot topics in the finance sphere, a heavy emphasis is placed on real estate investment. Owning and renting properties is a guaranteed way to increase your net worth and monthly income without dedicating an obscene number of hours to physical labor. Short-term rentals are especially appealing as they can be rented out for a fee higher than a monthly fee and could be utilized for personal use at any time. Allowing you to not only create an additional income stream but also have a vacation property at your disposal.

Renting out your property on sites such as Airbnb and VRBO seems like a simple solution and it is, for those that have the time and energy to manage their bookings, market their property, and perform the much-needed maintenance following a large influx of guests. For those that do not have the experience and time availability to market and manage their short-term rental properties, the next best thing is to hire a property management firm to take care of the tasks, both the large and minute details will be safe in the hands of experienced agents that will not only increase your revenue with their effective and proven methods as well as lift the burden of being a landlord off your shoulders.

Orlando Short Term Rental Management Companies

In a hot market for short-term rentals like Orlando, it can be overwhelming to find a company that truly cares for your property and your investor’s needs. Vacation rental experts are challenged when it comes to provide an advise when it comes to picking your next property manager. Based on our professional experience, the reviews and opinions of previous clients, as well nationwide trends, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to Orlando’s leaders in the short-term rental market and hope to make the selection process a breeze.


From its bright pink theme to a well-laid out website, Casiola grabs the attention of potential guests as well as homeowners. It is no wonder that they are among the leaders in Orlando’s property management. To prevent judging a book by its cover, we’ve researched the technical aspects of collaboration with Casiola for you. From services offered to their past reviews, we will lay it all out for you.

Services offered

Casiola offers a full-service property management package that will accommodate all of the required processes when it comes to managing a short-term rental property. From marketing to property care and photography services, Casiola will ensure that you are ready to list your property and start generating income. It is a convenient option for those looking for a ready-to-go service, the only possible downside would be the lack of personalization as you hand over the responsibilities to your agent.


Casiola offers two pricing models: a performance-based model and a guaranteed income model.

The performance-based model is based on occupancy. The more your property is booked, the higher your earnings. After a 20% deduction from the property management company, the remainder of your earnings is yours. In addition, you can use your property as much as you wish.

The guaranteed income model provides you with a steady and regular income of a specific amount despite your property being booked or not. As attractive it may seem to have a set amount being deposited into your account every single month, you do not benefit from the high season and are missing out on significant earnings. However, for those looking to be extremely hands-off and security-driven, this may be an appealing option.


Perhaps the most reliable source of information about a specific business is their reviews. With just a 3.2/5 average, Casiola sports a fair share of customer complaints. While their treatment of homeowners may be better than their guests, it is ultimately the guest that determines whether your property will be in demand.

Some of the most prominent themes when reviewing the guest opinions were the lack of care for the property, broken appliances, uncleanliness, and lack of customer service from the staff. It can be severely off-putting if you’re looking for long-term cooperation, as it negatively reflects on your property.

Orlando Short Term Rentals

With the intent to provide an unbiased review about Orlando Short Term Rentals, we will solely focus on the same factors that helped us describe Casiola above. The three categories will provide insight into our values as property management experts in the field and will hopefully ease your mind when deciding on potential collaboration with Orlando Short Term Rentals. While other firms are certainly experienced and knowledgeable in the real estate sphere, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service, something our clients and guests value us for.

Services offered

Similar to Casiola, Orlando Short Term Rentals offers a full range of services needed to make your property a hit in the short-term rental market. With powerful marketing solutions, designated cleaning and maintenance team, and 24/7 support, your property is being taken care of around the clock. Additionally, for those that want to create a paradise escape but don’t have the interior design experience, Orlando Short Term Rentals offer interior design services designated to make your property a stylish home away from home for your guests.


With zero management, cancellation, or vacancy fees, Orlando Short Term Rentals makes collaboration both simple and profitable. The pricing model is based on a 15% reservation fee, the lowest in the Orlando market at the moment, in fact, it is one of the lowest fees nationwide! If you’re looking to increase your profits while preserving valuable time by working with a communicative and responsible company, Orlando Short Term Rentals is for you.


Returning to the most telling aspect of all, customer reviews. Orlando Short Term Rentals is proud to share our 5/5 average reviews based on over 70+ reviews! That means, not only are our homeowners satisfied with conducting business with us, your guests love the cleanliness and décor of the property, as well as the responsiveness and spectacular customer service of our staff!

CasiolaFull-range of services including:
· marketing,
· maintenance,
· photography,
· management
20% of reservation revenue OR negotiated flat income while the remainder of proceeds is absorbed by Casiola3.2/5
Orlando Short
Term Rentals
Full-range of services including:
· marketing,
· maintenance,
· photography,
· interior design,
· Front Desk,
· Housekeeping,
· management.
15% of reservation revenue5/5

If you’re an existing or future homeowner looking to increase your revenue and decrease the workload associated with short-term rental management, get in touch with our agents now to work out a plan for the management of your investment!