The Top 5 Orlando Attractions Your Guests Can’t Miss

Orlando is best known for its world-class theme parks, from the magic of Disney to the excitement at Universal Studios. And as a vacation rental owner or manager, you know these are often the main draw for guests.

However, you also know that Orlando has so much more to offer, with attractions that don’t always make the usual tourist lists. So, for guests looking to explore a different side of Orlando, this list is for them. Here are the top 5 Orlando attractions your guests can’t miss.

#1. Old Town

For guests keen on experiencing a slice of classic Florida charm, suggesting a visit to Old Town in Kissimmee is a must. This enchanting spot beautifully blends nostalgia with a modern touch. With a selection of over 75 shops, eateries, and bars, your guests won’t be short on choices.

But there’s more to Old Town than just shopping and dining. The family-friendly offerings range from a towering 86-foot Ferris wheel and carousel to engaging challenges like a ninja warrior course. And for those guests enamored by the charm of yesteryears, remind them to mark their calendars for the Classic Car Show & Cruise every Saturday at 1 pm; it’s a delightful spectacle of vintage cars that’s sure to be a hit.

#2. The Kennedy Space Center

If your guests have an interest in space and exploration, recommending the Kennedy Space Center – just an hour from Orlando – is a sure win. However, it’s wise to encourage them to check the center’s event calendar before heading out. It provides insights into the featured astronaut of the day and any unique events or tours during their stay. And with a robust rocket launch lineup this year, they might catch the spectacular moment of a launch!

The best part? Most of the center’s thrilling attractions and exhibits are included in the admission price. So, whether they’re eager to hop on the bus tour, marvel at the grandeur of the real space shuttle Atlantis, Saturn V Moon rocket, and SpaceX Falcon 9 booster, or even touch an actual Moon rock, there’s no end to the discoveries awaiting them.

#3. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

For guests captivated by tales of old, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is a journey unlike any other in Orlando. Transporting visitors back to that fateful night in April 1912, they’ll navigate a world filled with over 300 genuine artifacts and marvel at the ship’s detailed room recreations.

And for an evening they won’t soon forget, recommend the Titanic Gala Dinner. It’s more than dining; it’s stepping into a page of history, surrounded by the elegance and ambiance of the ship’s grandeur.

#4. Harry P. Leu Gardens

If your guests are in the mood for a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle, point them toward Harry P. Leu Gardens by Lake Rowena. It’s a little oasis right in Orlando, spread over 50 acres. They can wander through rose patches, bamboo trails, and even spot fluttering butterflies.

Just don’t forget to mention the towering oaks; some have been around for over 200 years! For the plant enthusiasts or the simply curious, there’s a library filled with books about nature. It’s the perfect spot to recommend for a laid-back day out.

#5. Boggy Creek Airboat Ride

For guests eager to embrace an authentic Florida adventure, Boggy Creek Airboat Tours is the ideal destination. Here, they’ll glide through Central Florida’s untouched Everglades, where pristine wetlands stretch as far as the eye can see. Guided by knowledgeable captains, they’ll not only experience the thrill of the ride but also spot alligators, turtles, and a variety of bird species in their natural habitats.

But the experience doesn’t end with the airboat ride. Afterward, guests can wander through Lily’s Butterfly Garden, try their hand at the mining slough, and immerse themselves in the Native American village’s rich history. And as the day winds down, what better way to reflect on their adventures than with a meal at Boggy Bottoms BBQ, all while overlooking a tranquil lake? Priceless!