Vacation Rental Self-Management Requires Assistance of Local Property Manager

As online tools are evolving we see more domestic investors try to self-manage their vacation homes located around Disney World on Florida. With an attractive Airbnb listing, reservation process is nowadays so much easier; so, we see it very much optimistic. All you need to have is beautiful photos, nice description, and rates. One no longer even need to comprehend the market to establish the rates as Airbnb platform suggests the competitive rates its listings. I know some hosts are not “people” people. So, providing guests with all possible details, you can even eliminate some of communication.

Please note that Airbnb self-management model may not work well for foreign investors. Mainly because of the time difference. Imagine, if you are in Europe, 7 hours ahead of Florida time wise, and it’s a nighttime. Your guests are getting into the property, and now they require host’s attention and assistance. They start messaging you about the access details, the pool heating, the BBQ use, the WI-FI code, the TV, and etc.. And you are seeing your 7th dream. This is just one example of possible disconnect, and this is why more domestic short-term rental owners are shifting to a self-management. It’s clear: you need a help.

Also, today guests prefer to experience a blend of technology and real-world experiences. So, delivering on both will pull you ahead of other real estate investors and property managers and provide a strong foundation for serving current and future guests, especially as demand for digital tools continues to grow. To satisfy the guests, savvy investors are looking to partner with the local Property Manager. They recognize the need for someone who can handle inspections, cleaning, maintenance, and simply provide front desk service. In this model, owner handles the bookings, and local Property Manager handles the rest. This statement is not entirely true ☹

The real world shows that the host is still the owner, who is expected to interact with the guests via Airbnb platform. Since Airbnb provides both guest and host guarantee, they encourage all parties to use Airbnb platform. In case of any claims, their platform will allow them to monitor the communication and solve the issues. So, if you hope for a complete automatization to stay inactive, you will be disappointed.

Now get ready to learn how to turn it into a better experience. No one succeeds alone, and your local Property Manager will be your main partner. He or she will be your eyes and hands on site. And the quality of your next review entirely depends on this professional. So, make sure you do a great job selecting your Property Manager. Here are the most asked questions you can utilize for your interview:

· Ask about Licensing, insurance, and taxes.

· Make sure they have in-house cleaning team.

· Make sure they have in-house maintenance team.

· Inquire about their property management software.

· Ask how the issue reported by the guest will be handled.

There are very few Property Managers who provide only “management” or a package without reservations. Following the latest market trends, Orlando Short Term Rentals has introduced a management package for self-managed villas. This service is specifically designed for the homeowners who enjoy being active, interacting with the guests, and generating revenue for their rentals. By hiring Orlando Short Term Rental, you will get:

· On-site front desk

· Cleaning team

· Maintenance team

· All possible vendors for your property

· Unlimited property inspections

· Inventory management and more

Orlando Short Term Rentals is Orlando leading vacation rental property management company operated by Angie Medina. Angie is passionate about vacation rental management world, and whatever she does, she does with love. Providing the best level of care for our guests and helping investors maintain their properties and maximize their rentals is her main priority. Learn more about Orlando Short Term Rental Property Management and its leader Angie Medina here.

Nothing is more important in business than confidence in your partner. You will enter a ticket in the system, and you will see the results almost instantly. Imagine the life when you don’t need to start it all over again. You finally stop Googling vendors every time you have a problem reported! So, exploring Orlando Short Term services is definitely worth it!